In Solidarity with the Children of Palestine

Every compassionate soul feels the anguish of Palestinians in Gaza today, a sentiment amplified among Muslims by our unique bond of faith. Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, emphasized the

Imran Khan visits Manzil

Imran Khan visited Manzil to encourage the newly established school for marginalized students of Raiti lines.

Re-Launching RUNG Brand

Manzil re-launched its Rung brand under the Khuddar Pakistani program, where students from marginalized areas are empowered through entrepreneurial skill based training.

Social entrepreneurship award

Ms Nasreen Fareed (alumni of MEO) represented Manzil at a Social Entrepreneurship event sponsored by Live Deen where students from IBA, NED etc also participated. Manzil presented its Khuddar Pakistani

Manzil Director USA visits Pakistan

Dr Sagheer Ahmed visited MEO and had a very powerful sessions with the teachers in which he really appreciated them for accomplishing their job through hardwork and passion.