Core Concept: Non-Formal Education Program

Rumman School

Ar Rumman- the pomegranate is the inspiration and core concept of the Non Formal Education offered at the MEO. The concept of the
pomegranate is an inspiration from Surah Ar Rahman, where it is mentioned as the Fruit of Jannah. The concept of Ar Rumman is adapted in
curriculum for its vibrancy, strengths and benefits.

We believe, if we educate our out of school children with compassion and care, we will be able to add value in their lives will be able to nurture
them into vibrant knowledgeable and skilled.

program objectives

I. Enable our learners to;

II. Introduce Value based Integrated Curriculum for the students of Non Formal Education stream, encompassing their need of occupational skills, physical and social-emotional well-being.

III. Provide entrepreneurial training program to earn respectable livelihood