In Solidarity with the Children of Palestine

Every compassionate soul feels the anguish of Palestinians in Gaza today, a sentiment amplified among Muslims by our unique bond of faith. Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, emphasized the duty of Muslims to aid one another, a principle ingrained in our hearts.

In Pakistan, there was a groundswell of support to assist, particularly from the sisters around me. Despite limited media coverage on relief efforts, they eagerly inquired about plans to provide aid. To delve deeper, we resolved to journey to Turkiye during Ramadan, not only to gather firsthand information but also to directly deliver donations to those who have ongoing relief projects in Gaza.

Alhamdulillah, our trip to Turkiye allowed us to personally deliver contributions to the esteemed directors of IHH and its sister organization the Mavi Marmara. Our association with IHH dates back to 2014, and Brother Hussain has been a steadfast ally in our endeavors.

During our previous visit to Idlib, Syria, we encountered several orphans in a refugee camp lacking basic necessities. Responding to their needs, we provided clothing, which we entrusted to Brother Hussain who shipped the package to Northern Syria. We learned from the President of Mavi Marmara, brother Ismail, about their ongoing efforts to send aid convoys to Palestine. Despite logistical hurdles, they persist in procuring and distributing aid, even establishing a kitchen in Gaza to provide hot meals for families in Gaza on a daily basis.

Encountering a banking snag on Friday, we persisted, eventually finding a solution with the President of Mavi Marmara. This organization has faced its own set of trials, notably the Gaza flotilla incident of 2010, which claimed 9 innocent lives, including Br Ismail’s father.

Their commitment to aid delivery is underscored by challenges such as navigating at least 14 checkpoints manned by US troops inside Egypt’s Sinai Desert.

Our interaction with the president of Mavi Marmara’s Women’s Wing showcased their fundraising efforts, inspiring us to purchase badges for sale in Pakistan. Despite linguistic barriers, our shared devotion to Masjid Al-Aqsa and Islam fostered a profound connection.

In parting, Brother Ismail gifted us a watermelon badge symbolizing resilience against Israeli restrictions on the display of the Palestinian flag, while a blood-stained Israeli soldier’s helmet served as a stark reminder of the ongoing conflict.

I extend heartfelt gratitude to my sisters whose unwavering support and trust enabled this endeavor. Their donations were promptly delivered to the appropriate channels. It’s imperative to amplify our voices and educate our youth through fundraisers and awareness campaigns, preparing them for the challenges ahead, including the liberation of Masjid Al-Aqsa. Though the world may seem indifferent, united, we possess the power to effect change, InnshaAllah