MANZIL Vocational Program

Khuddar Pakistani

Khuddar Pakistani is a vocational program of MEO, which is offered to the students of the Nahl School and Ar Rumman (Non Formal Education). The program is directed toward enhancing the potential of MEO students both girls and boys and learn techniques of various skills from the professionals.

The inspiration of this program is the importance of hard work in earning Halal and respectable livelihood laid by the Prophet Muhammad SAW. As it was narrated from ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar that: the Messenger of Allah said, when mentioning charity and those who refrain from asking. “The upper hand is better than the lower hand; the upper hand is that which gives and the lower hand is that which asks.” [Sunan an Nisai’]

Manzil Educational Organization, aim to contribute to increase the hands who strive for economic stability for their families. We believe that increase in the working hands, having compassionate and caring heart and positive and growth mindset is the best-fit solution to eradicate hunger and poverty in the communities.

Hence, we nurture both heart and head (mindset) while training the hands, i.e. we provide technical knowledge and vocational skills to female and male members, to make them assertive and active bread earners of the family.


Keeping the mission in mind, Khuddar Pakistani offer different courses, which are:
  1. Rung by Khuddar Pakistani
  2. Manzil Entrepreneurial Model
  3. Sprinkles- Basic Baking & Cooking Skills
  4. Be Street Smart- Soft Skills [includes Communication and Negotiation skills, Anger Management, Rapport Building]
  5. Foreign Languages [English, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese]
  6. IT Courses
  7. Electrician
  8. Auto Technicians/ Mechanics
  9. Book Keeping, Inventory/ Stock keeping [Finance]
  10. Carpentry/ Wood Carving


by khuddar pakistani

It is an initiative to train students skills related to dress making, embroidery, and local handicrafts. MEO students run this project. The products that we offer include: women’s wear, kid’s wear, cushions, mats/ runners, table cover, tissue box, tray cover, and napkin etc.


The students will be able to;
  1. Design and create quality products
  2. Hands on the basic embroidery, stitching and block printing skills
  3. Specialize in any/ all of the embroidery, stitching and block printing skills
  4. Ensure the delivery of quality product/ services.
  5. Market and sell their products

manzil entrepreneur module

This project aims to develop basic business management skills in students. From crafting the idea, to designing the product/ service, marketing the product/ service, finance management and dealing the clientele is what makes it unique from other vocational programs. This course is covers both theory and practical aspects. Professionals and field experts are invited for talks and hands on training is provided in-house and on field. At the completion of the course, students need to complete the duration their internship in order to earn their certificates


The students will be able to;
  1. Establish their enterprise
  2. Manage the operations of their enterprise
  3. Deal with their clients/customers confidently
  4. Manage the financial matters (loss/profit and budgeting)
  5. Manage social media to promote/ market their products/ services
  6. Organize/ participate in events for marketing/ promotional purposes
  7. Ensure the delivery of quality product/ services.