Suicide is one of the leading causes of death amongst students worldwide. According to a report 1100 college students commit suicide
each year. Due to the lack of awareness and resources, suicide and drug abuse is extremely prevalent in the marginalised societies of
Pakistan. Manzil Educational Organization has introduced a new and distinctive program which caters to our children and teachers
mental health needs. The Healthy Minds program offers two distinct pathways to tackles the issue of mental health
1. Free of cost assessment and therapy for children who have experienced or are experiencing psychological distraught. This is run
through an internship program where Clinical and Counseling psychology students from institutes across Karachi can take part as
therapist for these children. The program is overlooked by a head counsellor and its managing team, and on its way to be certified by a
governing authority.
2. Psychology & Educational seminars: These session cater to our teachers, students and all those who want to learn about mental
health. Our managing team, which holds two ABA and IBI trained behavioural analyst as well as our other volunteer members, present
short seminars on various topics such as stress, burnout, anxiety etc. These sessions aim to not only shed light on these issue, but also
know the appropriate resources and pathways needed to deal with in a healthy and positive manner.
The Healthy Minds Minds program aims to eliminate the stigma around mental heath and therapy as well as make at an acceptable and
accessible resource for everyone who needs it.