NAHL is a program that focuses on the development of 21st century learners in the light of Islamic education to facilitate their
development of critical thinking skills, communication skills and problem solving skills. The program was launched to tackle the corporal
punishment vice that is very common among schools, homes and tuition centers of Karachi. This research based program became a
tremendous success after we employed a highly educated, caring teacher to teach the subject of Islamiat in Manzil. The main aim of this
program is to inculcate values, empathy and tolerance among young learners so that they understand the true essence of Quran and
Sunnah. The teacher especially focuses on enabling students to develop an understanding of their roles and responsibilities to become
good practicing Muslims. We also encourage our students to be visionaries so that they lead a meaningful and purposeful life following
the role model of our beloved Prophet (SAWW) andhis Sahabas.