The Care Curriculum adopts integration of Cognitive and Affective approach to develop 21st Century skills among our kids. These focus on enhancement of communication skills and socio-emotional competence among our children. They learn to identify and manage emotions, care about themselves and others, make ethical and responsible decisions, and develop positive relationships with peers and adults.

We like to ensure that the underlying lesson in every interaction between our students, teachers, volunteers, patrons and the community at large, has an element of care and empathy to it! This is practiced through a multi-pronged approach of Listening, Counselling, Bonding and Personality Development. As a result, our kids respect others’ perspective and feelings, understand and


We would like to empower children of every marginalized community with the necessary tools to realize their dreams and pursue their passions! These dreams and passions, however, must be geared towards personal development. At Manzilweare keenly focused on the development of personal, vocational, and professional skills and abilities in our children without defining gender roles. We can do this by partnering with local educational and vocational centers to provide our kids with better opportunities


As a Community Based Organization, the overall development of communities is integral to our vision of building healthier educated communities with responsible citizens. We like to engage with the parents, especially mothers of the children studying at Manzil to keep up with the child’s development at home. But more than this, the Community Development aspect requires us to keep abreast of domestic issues that may affect children’s development.

As our footprint expands, our focus on the principle of Community Development will evolve into providing shelter and support to street children that have been abandoned or become displaced by their families in the marginalized colonies of a spurring metropolis or rural settlements. We intend to mobilize local communities through a platform that provides greater


The 21st century demands high quality teaching and learning from teachers which is a continuous process that promote teachers’ teaching skills, master new knowledge and develop new proficiency. Our teachers at Manzil are especially trained on aspects of care and developing relationship with students allows our teachers to contribute towards the development of a holistic and responsible member of society. Trainings at Manzil fall into two broad areas including educational and development of social emotional competency among teachers. We achieve quality in teaching and learning by conducting training sessions on topics like Formative and Summative assessments, developing Lesson plans and Unit plans, Care in school, Affective Teacher Model, VARK modality, Multiple Intelligence, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Blooms Taxonomy, Critical thinking skills etc. These trainings have impacted


Watching a rugged child with dirty hands, dry mouths and listlessness on their faces is a common sight in major cities of Pakistan. There are around 1.2 to 1.5 million children estimated to be on the streets of our country. Children as young as three can be seen begging on the streets or working small jobs to earn a meagre amount. Manzil is alleviating the issue not only by creating awareness but also by having developed a holistic program that provides shelter, education, health care, psychological, vocational training and entrepreneurial skills to our street smart children. So when next time you encounter a street child, remember that his/her future is compromised because you and I are not raising enough awareness, we need an action plan to give these children the future they deserve. Small steps are not enough, we need a collaborative effort that is backed by government to come to a workable solution.